We do offer a very generous apartment rental bonus program...

RULES: (ONLY 2 - nice and simple)

1) You must list my name (Al Cannistra, Broker, Texas Today Realty,  210-757-0023) as your referring agent when you fill out the apartment rental application form. If you do not, we do not receive a commission. No commission to us, no bonus for you - whatever the circumstances.

2) When we receive payment from the apartment complex, you will receive an electronic Amazon gift certificate for 25% of the commission amount. Meaning - if the commission is $500.00, you receive an Amazon gift certificate for $125.00 - if the commission is $1000.00, you receive an Amazon gift certificate of $250.00. Heads up - some apartment complexes will take 60 to 90 days to pay us!

IMPORTANT: The Amazon gift certificate can be sent to the email you register with us or the email you use on your apartment lease. Please notify us if there is a difference and which one to use. The maximum bonus cannot exceed 25% of the commission in total. If the amount needs to be split among roomies, please let us know. Certificates will NOT be reissued under any circumstances.

It is a very simple program. You do your part - make sure we get paid - and we do our part AND MAKE SURE YOU GET A BONUS ! If for any reason at all, the apartment manager does not pay us, you get to knock on their door and remind them that YOU listed ME as your REALTOR/BROKER!

You must register for this offer within 30 days of your lease date:  Registration Form.  No retroactive or late registrations will be accepted.


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Texas Today Realty
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